35. Have a tarot reading

I have had readings before – tarot, angel, horoscope. Almost without exception these have been by people I know…which makes those people none the less authentic or talented at what they do, but which does sometimes bring with it a sense of wondering whether the interpretation of the cards / signs is based on what they *know* more than what they *see*. Added to that the sense of the pivotal in my life at the moment, and I decided that have a reading as one of my 50 things would be appropriate.

enlightenmentAnd so it was that I headed for Glastonbury as part of my most recent weekend jaunt, and to ‘Enlightenment’ on the High Street – a shop I’ve been to before, which has an immense stock of Tibetan singing bowls, meditation equipment and new age books. And which has a big sign outside advertising Tarot readings.

I met Anuba, the reader, and we headed off out the back of the shop, up some stone steps, through the stock room to her ‘reading room’. I sat on a sofa, with Anuba opposite me and between us a table with a statue of Ganesha and three tarot decks. Anuba chose to use Psycards – a 40-card deck with tarot origins but which is perhaps more modern and (according to their website) gives quicker focus for a reading. I shuffled the cards to give them my energy, and then Anuba laid out a twelve card reading. She turned the cards, considered them for a moment and began to explain. I couldn’t for a moment relay word for word what she said, but I will endeavour to pick out some of the more pertinent things that came up.

This is the expanded 12 card reading with additional cards from a different deck for particular questions I raised. The original 12 card spread are the Psycards, the additional cards are Rider-Waite tarot deck.

The first card – where I am now – was The Wheel. A state of flux, change of direction, new life cycle. I couldn’t help but smile when she asked if that sounded accurate…!  She described the overall picture conveyed by my cards as very positive. I was interested by the appearance of ‘Sun’, ‘Moon’ and ‘Stars’ one after another, which she interpreted as conveying a huge amount of positive energy in my life – particularly the ‘Sun’ for strength, achievement, support. The ‘Moon’ was indicative of my intuition and empathy. The ‘Stars’ was interesting, because she related it to the past and suggested that I had perhaps given up on following the dreams I had held. I wasn’t sure I liked that even though it resonated some truth for me.

Diagonally across from the sun lay the ‘Skills’ card, which she interpreted as telling me I needed to use the skills and talents I have to move forward in life particularly in the realm of work. It was interesting that those two cards were linked by the ‘Money’ card in the middle of the spread. Wealth. Apparently I don’t need to worry about money. I will be OK financially, and by using my skills and talents, I can enhance my financial prospects.

We talked quite a lot about that, especially with the appearance of the ‘Beauty’ card, which she interpreted as representative of creativity. The message was that I had lots of that, but that the ‘Liar’ card next to it suggested (amongst other things) that I was hiding behind a mask at the moment – not letting my creativity flow, not letting my feelings show, not being true to myself.

Unsurprisingly, the element of deceit was discussed in relation to my marriage too. The meaning of the ‘Tower’ card, which relates to confidence (perhaps over-confidence or ego?) wasn’t clear. We settled on it being a contributory factor to the marriage break-up, with each of our egos in play and for my part perhaps looking for more strength from my ex-husband than he had to give… I guess my ideal man needs a fair degree of strength to balance me, and looking back at my marriage I have certainly concluded that whilst the ‘trouser-wearing’ role was often made mine, it was neither what I wanted or needed. I could reflect on that one for hours….but I won’t bore you here 🙂

tarot4What was clear, was the ‘Union’ card for my future. Apparently, I will meet a new partner. My questions about how and when were unanswerable, as the further card I pulled to explain -‘Judgement’ – was interpreted as a sign that a new relationship would take me by surprise.

We talked about the ‘Cave’, being where I had gone to nurse my hurt from the past two years, and that it may signify that I had been depressed (no shit!!). We talked about the ‘Puzzle’ card, signalling many choices- both made and to come- and about the ‘Tree’ card, which was read as signalling my role as the rooted strength of the family. I expressed my concern about the effect of the divorce, the house move, the changes in life on my children and pulled extra cards to ask how best to support them. Georgia – you’re a ‘Magician’… I need not worry about you because you have all the skills needed to pull from the bag once you settle on whatever it is you desire. Owen – you’re hurting, and the why was clear from the cards I pulled…not to publish here, but just for you to know that your friends will support you, as will I. I love you all the world, both of you xx

I’m sure there are plenty of my friends and blog followers who will dismiss this woo-woo stuff, and possibly feel that Anuba could have gleaned enough about me to make this all ‘fit’. You are welcome to your view. I know that I divulged next-to-noting about myself until the cards were shown and the reading underway. And I’m as entitled to believe in the woo-woo as you are not to! For me, an enjoyable and positive experience which gave me plenty to think about and much room for optimism.

[35 down, 15 to go]

[and yes, I’m well aware that there are only 11 weeks left of this year!!!!! I’m on it 😉 ]

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