30. Watch the sunrise

I have concluded that ‘Watch the sunrise’ doesn’t quite capture my intent for this challenge. I think my meaning was more ‘Watch the day break’ or ‘Watch the process of night turning into day’… whichever description fits, I watched it. The decision to go was based on the forecast for the following morning (via BBC … More 30. Watch the sunrise

28. Purple hair

I *love* having my hair coloured. In fact, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I remember a time since the age of 16 when my hair was entirely its natural colour! In my life I have been blonde, and blonder, had pink streaks in the blonde (think raspberry ripple) and less successful blue streaks (think … More 28. Purple hair

27. Throw a pot

I’m smitten. Despite the fact that Patrick Swayze didn’t show up at my shoulder, my pot throwing experience was the most engrossing hour I’ve spent in ages. My teacher was Jen from The Village Pottery. She has a pottery-cum-tea-and-cake-shop in Clifton Village, Bristol as well as a workshop in Easton-in-Gordano, which is where I went … More 27. Throw a pot

26. Get a tattoo

This was my foot at 2pm today… and at 4pm: I have wanted to get a tattoo for years, so adding ‘have a tattoo’ to my list of 50 things was a no-brainer. Which just left me to firm up those perennial questions of what and where… I collected a number of ideas on a … More 26. Get a tattoo

25. Just a brave day

Today would have been my 20th wedding anniversary. But it’s not. I keep telling myself that now it’s really ‘just another day’… quite a difficult one this year though. I have been anticipating this day since the start of the year. I hadn’t been anticipating spending it alone. I actually spent the past week desperately trying … More 25. Just a brave day