42. Paint a canvas

Ok, I admit it… Friends, the canvas you bought me for my birthday has been wedged (unpainted) behind a cabinet in my living room since May… Until tonight… The issue with this challenge… is that I fundamentally didn’t believe that I could paint. Which is obviously why it was on the list of challenges, and … More 42. Paint a canvas

40. Do yoga

After my most recent challenges of walking and dancing, I was quite glad to have a day of yoga in the diary for today. A chance of some calm time to reflect whilst stretching my aching body sounded just the ticket! The last time I did yoga was when I was pregnant with my now … More 40. Do yoga

39. Pole dance!

I have to say, when I embarked upon my 50th year I never thought I’d be writing a blog in which I recounted my experience of pole dancing!! But with some encouragement from my friend and ex-colleague Becka (who is Ms Flexible and a pretty mean pole dancer), it came to pass that I rocked … More 39. Pole dance!