Morocco adventure – Part 4 Tangier and Marrakesh

We left Chefchaouen by minibus at 10 am on Sunday for the 3 hour journey to Tangier. Amazing landscapes of rugged, rocky mountains punctuated by big dams and reservoirs, eventually gave way to more and more cultivated and manicured land. After a brief supermarket stop, we enjoyed a picnic lunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with … More Morocco adventure – Part 4 Tangier and Marrakesh

Walking the walk

Brave. 50 shades of it, apparently. Up for challenges. Strong, confident, adventurous. Feel the fear, and do it anyway… All of these descriptions have been attributed to little old me since 2014 threw me the curveball of my husband leaving, and 2016 saw this blog start up as a document of all the ways in … More Walking the walk