Am I brave enough?

One of the most enjoyable things about blogging, apart from the writing itself, is discovering other interesting blogs and fantastic writers. One of those I follow and relate to most closely is Authentically 50 written by Janie Leeds, whose life experience on turning 50 and getting divorced mirrors (sometimes quite scarily!) my own. Recently, there … More Am I brave enough?

25. Just a brave day

Today would have been my 20th wedding anniversary. But it’s not. I keep telling myself that now it’s really ‘just another day’… quite a difficult one this year though. I have been anticipating this day since the start of the year. I hadn’t been anticipating spending it alone. I actually spent the past week desperately trying … More 25. Just a brave day

13. Get divorced

This is a difficult post to write. Some may say an unusual thing to have on a list of 50 things to achieve in my 50th year. But it has been a long, hard haul to this point, and the final rubber stamp of Decree Absolute has been something I’ve been keen to achieve so … More 13. Get divorced