24. Give blood

Scenario A: I’ve been having far too much fun with these challenges of late, it’s about time I did something really brave… Scenario B: I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps at the moment, I’ll do something to cheer myself up… Actually, I think I’ll try both of the above. But today it was … More 24. Give blood

23. Eat at The Ivy

OK, I’m prepared to admit that this may not exactly qualify as ‘brave’… I think the word we decided on over lunch was ‘audacious’… so that will have to do! That, plus the fact that this went onto the 50 things list because eating at a well-known and upmarket venue seemed like it would be … More 23. Eat at The Ivy

22. Go parasailing

This challenge has been a long time coming…. The first time I got the urge to go parasailing we were on holiday in Cyprus. I really wanted to have a go…but there was no way my then husband Mike was letting me try it. I suppose looking back that he had a point, given that … More 22. Go parasailing