The ones that got away… #1 Record a CD of flute music

If you read my reflective post of 1st January 2017, you would have read that there were some challenges which I had intended to do in 2016 which, for various reasons, just didn’t happen. And you would also have read that I planned to make sure that those got done in 2017…

So, here goes #1!

fluteimageSomething I have wanted to do for at least the last 10 years is to go into a recording studio with my flute and create a CD. The last professional recording I have of my playing is a cassette, which dates from 1983 – a concert at the Little Malvern Priory as part of the Malvern Festival. I was 17 then… so definitely time to update!!

I’d like to do this for myself, for my parents and for my kids. I’d like to record a selection of pieces that I have always loved, and some that I’ve got to know more recently. I’m also hoping to record an original by my friend Heather.

I’ve been in contact with Acapela Studios just outside Cardiff, and calculated the cost of a day in the studio, post-production services, and the pressing of CDs with cases and covers. And here’s the rub… It’s expensive! And beyond my budget… Which is where *YOU* can help 🙂

I’ve set up a Crowdfunding appeal, to run for the next 8 weeks. I’m trying to raise £750, in 56 days. Which means that if I got £13 pledged each day, I’d do it! Or if 59 lovely people each pledged £13, I’d do it! (There are obviously many more mathematical possibilities for this equation, but I won’t bore you!). On my page, you’ll see that if you pledge £25, I will reward you with a free copy of the CD once it’s done.

If you feel that you could contribute at all – a small amount or a large amount – please do. And if you feel you could share my appeal with your friends, family, colleagues etc, please do that too… I will be ever so grateful.

To find your way to my Crowdfunding appeal, just click here.

Thank you 🙂

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