45. Sit my DipABRSM – part 2

Just last week I had an email from the Associated Board for the Royal Schools of Music, apologising for the delayed issue of Diploma results from the winter session. So, when I opened the mailbox this morning to find inside a large envelope from the same people, I was a little taken aback! In fact, the envelope was the familiar A4 sized white cardboard the my flute pupils’ exam certificates usually arrive in…

My heart began to thud. Had I actually passed?

(Please don’t think this is false modesty. If you recall my post of 16th December, you will know that I described the Viva Voce part of the exam as ‘a horrific experience’ and that I was indeed unwilling and unable to speculate as to whether I’d pass. Self-belief in my ability as a flute teacher went out the window that day, as I was systematically grilled and made to doubt my adequacy. But I digress… Back to the envelope…)

My daughter was upstairs… my son in the living room… I stood in the hall and stared hard at the envelope, before ripping it open. Yes, there was a certificate in there! So, I had passed 🙂 But wait… there was a letter in there too. A response to the complaint I had submitted about the manner in which the Viva was conducted. I skimmed through it… blah, blah… Yes, they had evidently listened to the recorded Viva and acknowledged that there was point at which rapid questioning had led to ‘slightly more flustered responses’. Certainly did! Blah, blah… ‘in line with ABRSM’s expectations’… ‘thank you for taking the time to write to us…’

Yeah, yeah…

And then I stopped in my tracks, because the final sentence, in ratifying the decision of the examiner and moderator, congratulated me on gaining my DipABRSM with Distinction! 


I have to tell you, I was absolutely overcome with excitement! I ran up the stairs to tell my daughter, who squealed and gave me a huge hug. My son was a little less excited, but hey 🙂

Having calmed down, I have now read the commentary on all elements of my submission – the written assignment (80%), the Quick Study (extended sight-reading) (87%) and the actual Viva Voce (80%) – a total of 81%, so a blooming convincing Distinction, even if I say so myself. I am now entitled to append the letters DipABRSM to my name.

Don’t mind if I do.



One thought on “45. Sit my DipABRSM – part 2

  1. Congratulations to your success for Dipabrsm! I know that feeling! I have been taken three times on it and going to retake the fourth time in next week.

    I don’t know you. But i just feel so happy and wanna send my blessing to you when I see your blog (I am surfing the infos about dipabrsm and accidentally read yours). -)))


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