21. Skinny dip!


Oh yes. It was on the list of challenges. And what better time and place than when you’re hot, achy and exhausted, halfway down Snowdon in a clear cool lake?

We (not sure who was leading who astray here…!) at least had the decency to take ourselves around the corner from the main track. At which point, I stripped off and slipped gracefully into the lake like a nymph.

Yeah, right…

It was stony underfoot. I was naked. It hurt and was bloody slippery. So I hastened as gracefully as a naked woman on slippery stones could hasten, into the lake. COLD!!!!!!

‘Quick! Take a picture!’ I instructed Alison. ‘They’ll never believe I did it otherwise!!!’

Shoulders under, shoulders out. Too cold to stay in long. I made for the shore. The exit wasn’t graceful either!!! I quickly wrapped my coat around me and started to giggle…

‘Your turn!’ Hahahaha. I took photos of Alison, still giggling, before I decided to hop back in again…

A little swim, then out, dry (in Alison’s fleece!), dress and saunter around the corner, cool and refreshed, as if nothing untoward had happened.

Thank you to the unsuspecting lone male sitting having his snack who turned the other way, and to the group of lads who had obviously seen us, but said nothing as we walked past.

Oh, and don’t swim through the warm patch… 😉



[21 down, 29 to go]



2 thoughts on “21. Skinny dip!

  1. I remember the first time that I went for a skinny dip. I stubbed my toe so badly, that it started to bleed – and it HURT! Nothing quite as ungraceful as trying to hold one’s toe sans swimming trunks. 😉


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