20. Take the train up Snowdon (Part 2)

So, refreshed after challenge #21, we had reached the ‘flat’ bit. Apparently.

OK, it was definitely flatter than the initial descent, but compared to flat? Nope. By this time my knees were complaining bitterly, with my thighs not much better. But inspired by the stunning scenery, and tricked by Alison’s claims at every corner that it was ‘not far now’, we soldiered on.

It took a total of 3 hours to descend, which, bearing in mind that we stopped for 20 minutes for our skinny dip, is bloody good going. We reached the bottom at Pen-y-pass in time to catch a bus back to Llanberis and treat ourselves to tea and cake at a cafe before hobbling (me) back to the car.


I am not hopeful that I will be able to walk with ease tomorrow. But I’ve done some stretches, and had a nice warm bath. And had a glass of wine. Or two…

So, it’s goodnight from me. I can’t remember the last time I was this shattered. But in a good way.

A fabulous day 🙂


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