Do I look SHINY to you?!

I have recently come to the end of a series of coaching sessions with Helena Holrick. Helena is someone I connected with some while back via Facebook, and her posts pop up on my feed every now and then. My reaction when they did pop up would often be a longing s-i-g-h, as I wondered how she was creating such a great looking life! So, last October, as I faced the onset of empty-nest syndrome, I decided the time was right to contact Helena and to work with her to move through this period of change in my life.

Helena has devised a coaching programme based on a concept called SHINE. It’s a framework within which Helena explores with clients what they need to do/change/be in their life to feel SAFE, HAPPY, INSPIRED, NEEDED AND EXPRESSED. It is no accident that almost the first third of the programme focuses on SAFE. I don’t think I had realised (a) how UNsafe I was feeling with many aspects of my life, and (b) how important it was to feel safe before I could hope to reveal the paths to Happy, Inspired, Needed and Expressed!

Coaching in general, whilst it can offer a huge amount of support to the client as they work, can also turn into something of a ‘crutch’. It’s easy to feel that your coach is such an important facilitator of your happiness, it becomes difficult to believe you can manage alone and hence difficult to bring the coaching relationship to an end. Not so with Helena. I honestly believe that her overriding aim is to create the conditions for clients to break free from her… which sounds bonkers, but really isn’t. She very obviously delights in watching her clients fly… and my own experience was that the coaching relationship naturally came to a conclusion when I discovered that I was confident to use all the tools I’d learned and practised with Helena all by myself. And that I really did feel SHINY!

This week, I recorded a testimonial for Helena and I wanted to share it with you here.

And as I continue to make changes in my own life and lay the ground for some of my wishes and dreams to come to fruition, I’d love you to ‘watch this space’ and I’d really love you to check out the coaching that I offer, where I help you to #learntobebrave… just like I have 😊

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