Being sociable

Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing friends … I’m pretty sure I’ve introduced some of them to you as co-adventurers in my 2016 challenges, and life-saviours when the trials and tribulations of separation/ divorce/ single-parenting have ambushed me. Nevertheless, I’m totally up for meeting new, like-minded people and believe that what I call the ‘minesweeper effect’ may lead me to find a special person… (well, we can hope 😂)

So, this weekend I decided to go walking with a local group called ‘Socially Single’. I found the group on the MeetUp app and discovered it was run by someone I already know, which I guess made it easier to decide to go along. I chose a local walk, through the Nant Fawr woods and along the side of Llanishen reservoir- a route I know well. The added attraction was the opportunity to forage for wild garlic and learn how to make pesto from it.

There were about 15 walkers and 3 dogs, including my own. Predominately women this time, but the participant lists for past and future events suggest that this is not always the case. We met at 10:30, waited to mop up any late arrivals, and then set off into the woodland. The walk leader, Marianna, let us find our own pace, and stopped us intermittently to point out plants that were edible and explain how we could use them. We walked for about 90 minutes, an out-and-back route in glorious sunshine, before moving further down the woods to find wild garlic in abundance. Approximately two handfuls was the requisite amount to collect for the purposes of pesto making.

The post-walk reward was a drink at The Discovery pub, Lakeside. We sat in the beer garden, chatting and enjoying the sunshine, and given that the menu looked so appealing, some of us had lunch as well. Altogether a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday.

In case you’re wondering, yes I did make the pesto and had it on pasta for my tea! Pictorial evidence attached!

I will definitely join another walk with this group and have also signed up for a board games evening with another social group (will let you know how that goes!). If you live in Cardiff / South East Wales and consider yourself ‘Socially Single’, why not look up the group on MeetUp or Facebook and book on to one of the events?

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