My belated 50th gift to myself

Two and a half years late is still better than never in my book. Especially when you’ve finally bought yourself something that’s been on your wishlist for about 8 years!

2012, British Flute Society convention, Manchester… British Flute Society 2014 convention, Warwick… Wonderful Winds Flute Day 2017, Devon… All of these events had in common the fact that I got to have a blast on an alto flute as part of a flute choir. What a beautiful sound! Rich and low, thick and haunting… wow. I also tried a bass (a little bit big, and something of a stretch for my little arms), and contrabass (an absolutely amazing instrument, but cost and size somewhat prohibitive to acquiring one!). Low flutes were definitely a new something for me, and a something I rather liked! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love my C flute any the less… (though let’s not mention my dislike of my piccolo…)… but my coveting of the alto would not subside.

Every now and then, I would browse the pages of the flute shops of the UK and several sites where professional instruments are advertised second hand… Until just a couple of weeks ago I saw a deal that I thought was … well, pretty good (compared to the price of a small car 😂)

Biting the bullet and buying it involved a process whereby the voices in my head argued that (a) it was extravagant, but (b) I had wanted one for soooooo long, and (c) I might die tomorrow, so (d) why not apply the NIKE principle and JUST DO IT!

C won.

And last Saturday, I journeyed to Trevor Jones Woodwind and Brass located on the rather twee Christmas Steps in Bristol, to collect my pre-ordered Yamaha alto flute. I’m thrilled with it… and when my bulk order of repertoire arrives from Tetractys publishing, I shall set about some serious practising! Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of untransposed flute music on my alto, and a picture for you all to drool over…

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 06.57.49

Happy birthday to me. Better 2.5 years late than never.


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