50. Blog my adventures

Challenge number 50 has been ongoing throughout the year and throughout the course of my challenges, and was to set up a blog and post about each of my adventures.

I love writing, and I have loved writing this blog. It has given me the opportunity to create a record of each challenge and to share the journey with my friends.

It has been quite amusing to track the blog stats. For a while, blog number 21 received the highest number of views (I wonder why)… until I pole danced (#39)… that was quite popular too 😉 And then yesterday (thanks to some coverage on Wales Online), things went through the roof!

What has amazed me the most, though, is how people have found their way to my blog from around the world. From Canada, Australia, Egypt, the USA, France as well as many many readers in the UK. Thank you to all those people who have popped by to read, to comment, to follow … and it has been great to follow back and discover some fellow writers and adventurers.

I am determined in 2017 not only to keep adventuring but also to keep writing… so watch out for new blogs and maybe even more…


[50 down… #thatsawrap]

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