28. Purple hair

I *love* having my hair coloured. In fact, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I remember a time since the age of 16 when my hair was entirely its natural colour! In my life I have been blonde, and blonder, had pink streaks in the blonde (think raspberry ripple) and less successful blue streaks (think seagulls with a digestion problem…). And copper. Or ginger if you like. I’m probably one of the few people who has voluntarily elected to be a “ginger”… and who has done a silent fist pump when a group of kids in a school I was doing supply cover at ran past my classroom door and expressed their dislike of me by shouting “Ginger bitch!” Oh yes… I am! (Ginger that is…)

So, when the idea of purple hair came to mind, I was inclined to think… why not? A little research led me to the conclusion that at least to begin with I was going for ‘subtle’ rather than ‘roaring’ purple. Ease myself in gently, you know…

I had booked my appointment at Precision Hair Design weeks ago, having chatted with Laurence about colour during my last visit and shared my purple hair plan; when I arrived at the salon after work today his first question to me was “Are we going for it?” We certainly are… Cue a reccie through my Pinterest board of ideas and the decision to go for deep purple roots with copper on top.

I relaxed with a cup of tea while the colour developed, relaxed in the chair while it was washed off, and relaxed in front of the mirror whilst Laurence worked his magic with the cut. (Actually that bit isn’t so relaxing because I have to remove my glasses and I can’t see what he’s up to!!!). Et voilà…


Do I love it? Yes indeed.

Am I thinking I might be even more brave next time? You better believe it!


[29 down, 21 to go…]


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