16. Part 2 – have false eyelashes removed

Just to say that I will NEVER have individual false lashes EVER again!

Of the 2 weeks promised, I managed 6 days wearing them. As the days went on they became more and more uncomfortable, until on Thursday night I found myself hardly able to sleep for the pain of the rigid lashes digging in to my eyelids. They had to go. Bloodshot eyes, with or without false lashes to frame them, is not a good look.

Cue a Friday morning phone call to the salon for an appointment to get them removed, and a half day of flexi-leave to make it happen. And if I thought having them applied was painful, then sitting for half an hour with solvent on my lashes to remove the glue, followed by the plucking off of the falsies… another highly unpleasant experience!!

I have never been so relieved to be able to rub my eyes… Now, where’s my mascara?

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