16. Wear false eyelashes

Bela Lugosi once said “Women have a predestination for suffering”. He must have known a bit about what women choose to subject themselves to in search of ‘beauty’… waxing, threading, sculpting, plucking, extending… and the application of false eyelashes.

I think this ‘challenge’ appeared on my list for much the same reason as ‘Have my own signature fragrance made for me’ and ‘Have a Brazilian wax’. Which is broadly because I have never been interested in or indulged myself with was could be called a typical feminine pursuit of the beauty ideal. And because I thought it might be fun. (Which it was…if you like poking yourself in the eye with a stick).

Making the booking for this treatment was a challenge in itself. Who knew that the third week of May was such a popular time for beauticians, especially lash specialists, to go on holiday? No matter, I found myself a slot at Triniti Beauty (www.trinitibeauty.co.uk) on Churchill Way and arrived at 11.30 on Saturday to meet Sam.

We began with a brief discussion about the look I was after, and the durability of different lash applications. My main concern was that the lashes weren’t so long as to rub on the lenses of my glasses. We decided on a ‘natural’ look and individually applied lashes, which should last around 2 weeks. If you want a lowdown on the other choices, just ask!

I was seated in a chair that tipped backwards for the treatment to be carried out. For me, this brought unwelcome associations with being at the dentist. Sam told me that I should fix my eyes straight ahead as she applied the lashes. She also explained that the glue, used to attach the false lashes to my own natural lashes, might make my eyes water at times.


It started off okay. But once the watering started, I was like a tap dripping from every facial orifice. ‘Sorry, can I just sit up/ blow my nose/ wipe my tears?’ I don’t think I was a very good patient client! If you have ever worn contact lenses, this for me rang the bells of the very first time you trial hard lenses and wander round in them for an hour, streaming with tears and feeling like you’ve had a plastic dinner plate wedged into your eye. Oh, I remember it well!!

Apparently my eyelashes are ‘quite weak’ and couldn’t hold a great weight of falsies. I don’t think in terms of the final look that that’s an issue, however I am aware that I can see the lashes now they’ve been applied – possibly because the weight is making them droop.

The treatment took around 45 minutes. I paid and left, still with very watery eyes. Until the glue was completely fixed – which took around another 45 minutes – my eyes stayed watery and a little bit stingy. I sat having a coffee in the darkest corner of Caffe Nero until the sensation passed and I was able to venture into the daylight without needing sunglasses.

So, am I pleased with the end result? Yes. The look is lovely – I wholeheartedly wish my lashes looked this long and luscious naturally, or even with a bit of mascara…but they don’t. Would I rush to do it again? No. I will enjoy the two weeks they last for, but I don’t think I have the time or inclination in my life to suffer that much for this look.

Better get fluttering while I have them… 😉




[16 down, 34 to go]



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