10. Have a Brazilian wax


Ok, so how much detail do you want…?

This one has given rise to reactions varying from fingers in the ears singing la-la-la, through suggestions for max-strength painkillers, to utter disbelief!

I decided to accept a recommendation for where to go for my wax, as you can’t be too careful with your ‘lady-bits’!! So I made my booking at the Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa, Covent Garden (www.avedainstitute.co.uk) to coincide with a planned visit to London.

I arrived at the salon for my 3.30 appointment with mixed feelings. I was sort of nervous – not the same nervous as before my velodrome experience, more a sort of trepidation – which I guess was natural since I didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for. I was directed upstairs, where I was greeted with a smile by Vanya. The fact that her job title was ‘Waxing Specialist’ was reassuring. She showed me into the treatment room and requested that I remove all clothing from the waist down.

What can I tell you?  I have to say Vanya did a fantastic job of putting me at my ease. It must take a fair degree of skill and confidence to carry on natural everyday conversation whilst carrying out this particular ‘service’! She was intrigued by my reason for being there, and we chatted through some of the other ‘brave’ challenges to come. The wax was hot. Especially on certain areas. I felt exposed. I had to adopt undignified poses. It hurt. But not as much as I had expected. She was quick – it was all over in half an hour, and that included a half leg wax too.

Vanya told me that the first time is always the worst time. She also counselled me to bin my personal trimmer and commit to waxing going forward.

Let’s see how that goes…


[10 down, 40 to go]




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