What’s it all about?

This blog is about two things….

It’s about the fact that I am in the midst of great change in my life at the moment, brought about by an unwanted and unexpected divorce and the fallout from that, which has at times in 2014-15 sent me reeling… So, this blog is the beginning of the next leg of my journey, where I find my inner braveness and start to move forwards with intention.

It’s also about the fact that I turn 50 this year… and although I’ve left it to the last minute, I am about to embark on 50 things of varying degrees of challenge, adventure, fulfilment, exhilaration and laughs to mark this, my year of being 50!

You are invited to join me on my journey, accompany me on my adventures or just read about them, as you wish.

Happy 2016 and welcome to 50 Shades of Brave!

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