The ones that got away… #1 Record a CD of flute music

If you read my reflective post of 1st January 2017, you would have read that there were some challenges which I had intended to do in 2016 which, for various reasons, just didn’t happen. And you would also have read that I planned to make sure that those got done in 2017… So, here goes … More The ones that got away… #1 Record a CD of flute music

The End?

It’s relatively early on New Year’s Day 2017; quiet in the house and a good moment for me to reflect on the year I have just left behind. I partied hard last night… celebrating all that I achieved in 2016, but also glad to be at the end of that year and welcoming in a … More The End?

47. Go off-roading

I like driving. And there are several types of driving that I fancy having a go at… skid pan, rallying, supercar… and off-roading, which I tried today 🙂 After challenge #18 I struck up a conversation over Twitter with Tori James (, a fellow adventurer… albeit with somewhat more experience than me!! Tori’s Dad, Richard ‘Jumbo’ … More 47. Go off-roading